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Horses, Dogs, Humans

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The Dark Moon Concept

What if you could strengthen your connection?  Know your animals share your understanding? Willingly and eagerly work with you to reach a destination?  What would be possible then? 

Dark Moon Farms & Kennels is dedicated to exploring and teaching the ways animals and humans can work together.  We believe that the long history of animals and humans sharing their lives should not be left behind by the modern world. Understanding, respect, and cooperation between species will make us all stronger. 


We focus primarily on Dogs and Horses

Dogs- the first domesticated animal, the one who has had the most influence on the human race-


Horses- the four legged engine of civilization. 


We breed, train, and work with rescued animals to produce the highest quality life for each animal and human we encounter.  Our classes and learning sessions for humans provide the skills to work with your own animals and better understand training, riding, and communication with the animals who share your life. Our training teaches the animals how humans communicate and how they can communicate back as well as developing bravery, problem solving, technical skills, overall conditioning, and any other skills needed to preform a desired task or job with their human.

We believe the connection with animals can show us how to become our best selves. To become the confident leaders and responsible humans that our animals, our families, and our world need us to be.  Join us!



Serving the Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Surrounding areas.

Available for Workshops and Clinics Nationally.